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The cornea is the straightforward furthest layer of the human eye. Actually, the cornea is certainly not one layer; it’s made of five sensitive layers that are organized one underneath the other. The cornea plays a significant role in guiding the vision; its clarity and curvy form serve to refract light from a target in such a way that it lands on the eye in the right location allowing for the sharpness of vision. What’s more, the cornea likewise goes about as a defensive layer forestalling all the residue, dirt and germs from going into within our eyes. This offers us a simple observation eye, which is the secret to a successful vision.

Common symptoms produced are:

  • Pain
  • Reduced Vision
  • Inability to open eyes in bright light
  • Redness
  • Watering
  • Swelling of the eyelid

Cornea Transplant:
When the lack of illumination in the cornea induces vision impairment, cornea transplantation is the therapeutic option of choice. If the cornea’s whole thickness is compromised or weakened due to cornea disease, full-thickness cornea transplantation is done. The patient’s compromised cornea is entirely drained, and a new cornea is transplanted from a donor’s eye.

With the current development in science, however, Dr Kirans eye hospital can detect damage that is confined to the thinnest layers of the cornea. Note, just around half a millimetre of thickness is the complete cornea itself.

They will now extract only the weakened components of the cornea, rather than the whole cornea, and these procedures have revolutionized eye transplantation procedure.

Cornea Treatment:

Cornea disorders need a multi-modality of medications that aim to common effects and heal the disease. Throughout the case of corneal infections, tiny quantities of coarse corneal tissue are collected (scrapping) and tested for the existence of a form of infection and the organism that triggers it.
This may vary from medicine to dry eye care, including Cornea Transplant Procedure to cure cornea impairment and restore vision.

The surgeon uses a treatment called C3R in cases of Keratoconus (Cornea steeping), which is a very vision-threatening condition.