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Lasik Surgery in Hyderabad: Eye Sight Enhancers

Laser eye treatment, which includes femtosecond Lasik surgery, PRK or LASIK, and femtosecond surgery is the most common treatment for patients with eye astigmatism and makes them wearable for life. Lasik is prescribed for most patients after careful examination by an ophthalmologist and results in a very successful outcome. The success of lasik/ laser eye treatment is very high, which means that complications of LASIK are extremely rare and do not pose a particular concern for patients. Get affordable lasik surgery in hyderabad.

One of the ways to correct refractive errors is to use laser surgery techniques, formerly known as laser eye surgery, and nowadays with the advancement of ophthalmology through the use of femtosecond laser. Dr. Kiran patchava is a leading pioneer in dealing with LASIK and femtosecond Lasik, PRK, and ICL’s surgeries.

LASIK surgeries such as PRK surgery, femtosecond lasik and ICL’s are an outpatient eye surgery technique used to correct hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism in people with refractive errors. These are one of the most convenient and fastest methods of correcting refractive errors. If you have any queries you can consult us for the best Lasik surgery in Hyderabad.

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Benefits of Lasik Surgery:

From improved vision to being carefree laser eye treatment has many benefits.

  • Freedom from everlasting glasses & lenses:
    Bid goodbye to your expensive glasses or lenses & save yourself from the routine expenses incurred from them. Now, enjoy a clear vision with freedom from glasses.
  • Carefree life:
    No more bothering about contact lenses and worrying about the safety of glasses in your daily life. Say yes to carefree life with perfect vision.
  • Quick Surgery Time:
    Lasik laser eye surgeries require minimal of time to treat, it will be treated even before you know it. Within 10-15 minutes, a lifetime of clear vision.
  • Immediate Outcomes:
    One of the biggest advantages of lasik surgery is the promptness of the results. After laser treatment, your vision is corrected & improves in no time and you can quit wearing contact lenses or glasses.
  • Quick Recovery:
    Recovery is very quick in lasik eye surgery since no bandages or stitches involved. Postoperative recovery is quick and without any complications.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    Around 98% of the patients who have undergone laser eye surgery were completely satisfied with their corrected vision. People were happy to have lasik.

Refractive Errors Corrected By Lasik Surgery:

  1. Myopia (Nearsightedness): A condition where you can see the close-by objects clearly but difficult to see far away things. Both these cases subsequent the light beams to concentrate on retina’s front instead of on it, obscuring the faraway vision.
  2. Hyperopia (Farsightedness): A condition where you can see the faraway objects unmistakably, however not the close by things.
  3. Astigmatism: Blurred condition of near and far away vision due to the corneal uneven curves/flatness.
  4. Presbyopia: Also Known as the Aging Eye condition, it alludes to long-sightedness brought about by the loss of flexibility of eye focal point happening for the most part in the middle and old age. All the refractive errors can be corrected effectively with eye laser treatment.

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LASIK Surgery Treatments:

  1. FEMTOSECOND LASIK:  In femtosecond Lasik surgery, a thin flap of the cornea is first made, then the patient, with the guidance of an ophthalmologist looks at the flashing light above his head, femtosecond surgery is one of the best methods of correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism performed by femtosecond laser. At present, its most common use is corneal flap and can be considered as a superior form of PRK and LASIK surgery. 
  2. LASIK WITH MICROKERETOME: In traditional LASIK, an instrument is known as a microkeratome. Cuts a thin, hinged flap into the eyes clear surface (cornea). The flap then is lifted for application of laser energy that reshapes the eye for vision correction. Replacing the flap in LASIK promotes faster healing.
  3. PRK SURGERY: PRK surgery is a type of refractive surgery. This kind of surgery uses a laser to treat vision problems caused by refractive errors. You have a refractive error when your eye does not refract (bend) light properly. With PRK, your ophthalmologist uses a laser to change the shape of your cornea. This improves the way light rays are focused on the retina. PRK is used to treat myopia (nearsightedness),  hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.
  4. IMPLANTABLE COLLAMER LENS OR ICL: ICL is an effective and safe option to treat a wide range of eyesight conditions including short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. The ICL is an intraocular lens that can be implanted into the eye without removing the natural lens. Since the ICL is implanted through a microscopic incision that requires no stitches, it does not alter the natural shape or health of the cornea. It is a low-risk and permanent solution while no maintenance is required.

What Is The Right Time For LASER Eye Treatment?

The age for the LASIK eye surgery procedure is over 18 years old. Most youngsters who might want to have the medical procedure are discouraged as there is a high possibility that their eyesight is still changing. Most specialists prompt that an individual’s remedy should be stable for two or three years before the procedure. Now, with modern equipment, technology, and better care it is much more convenient to carry out the Lasik treatment than before at any particular age depending on the patient’s eye condition. Get Lasik done successfully with Dr. Kiran’s for accurate outcomes.

Safe Lasik! With Dr. Kiran’s Eye Hospital:

We are focused and committed to providing the best in class technologies that give you quality, safety and affordable lasik laser eye surgery with the best outcomes. This commitment towards the services has driven us to be among the best places for Lasik eye surgery in Hyderabad.

Why Dr. Kiran’s for Lasik Surgery in Hyderabad?

  • The operation is performed on an outpatient basis in a “One Day” mode. Treated In Just 10-15 Mins.
  • Bladeless Lasik Surgery
  • No Hospital stay
  • Lasik Specialist Doctors
  • Most Modern Equipment & Technology – flawless execution of all stages of the operation and eliminates the possibility of technical errors.
  • We use the highest quality equipment from leading manufacturers. This ensures the minimization of complications and the best visual acuity after surgery. 
  • Extremely Affordable – Best Lasik surgery cost in Hyderabad
  • We Guarantee Lasik patients the best result and the return of vision.

Aftercare And Recovery Of LASIK Surgery:

The recovery time frame is normally very short after LASIK eye surgery. Most of the people can come back to work around 24 hours after the procedure. You probably won’t notice a quick improvement in your vision but it can take 1-2 weeks for your visual perception (eyesight) to settle down. Enjoy a clear vision for a lifetime. Consult now for the best Lasik Surgery in Hyderabad.

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