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This is surgery to correct myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. The procedure reshapes the cornea with an excimer laser.LASIK represents laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. This is an exceptionally famous type of eye surgery procedure and is utilized to address a range of refractive errors, for example, astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. LASIK is a kind of refractive medical procedure and includes controlled and exact targeting of the corneal tissue with a special laser. Corneal tissue is removed, bringing about a reshaping that empowers improved vision.

Femto Lasik:

The methodology or the principle of Femto Lasik treatment is the same except for the procedure of Flap making. In Femto Lasik surgery methodology the flap is created by the second laser which is a more precise and accurate way of establishing a flap. The flaps made with Micro Keratome Lasik, are thicker and may fluctuate extensively starting with one eye and patient then onto the next Conversely, the flaps created with a femtosecond laser are a lot more thinner and even.

This has enabled an ever-increasing number of individuals to get rid of eyeglasses regardless of the thickness of the cornea.In addition, the required amount of pressure is much lesser than in utilizing a Microkeratome.


This surgery is done with the same sort of excimer laser utilized for LASIK. PRK is done to reshape the cornea to address mild to direct astigmatism (nearsightedness).

The excimer laser beam reshapes the cornea by expelling little measures of tissue from the external surface. The method utilizes a computer to map the eye’s surface. It also calculates how much tissue to remove. This surgery generally takes a few minutes. Since the cornea surface is expelled, it takes a few weeks to recover.


The ICL is an Implantable Contact lens that works together with the regular lens of your eye to give you a clean, clear and great quality of vision. While performing the treatment the lens is embedded between your iris and your regular lens through a tiny incision that does not require any stitches. Collamer is the material with which ICL is made it is a very safe and biocompatible material.

ICL is the best solution for individuals who are not suitable for Lasik surgeries and who have high refractive errors and furthermore individuals who issue like dry eyes, keratoconus, and so on. It also gives very good visual outcomes for patients with Astigmatism.