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Hello Folks, I am Saketh, I would like to share my personal experience of having Lasik done. Like you all, even I had my questions, Is Lasik worth it? What will be the risks, etc revolving in my head while considering Lasik? Hope my experience will solve all your queries. 

The Lasik Preparation and Research Process: 

I was myopic (nearsightedness) and wore specs and contact lenses for a long time. It took me a while to get persuaded to have Lasik surgery. Each time I would discover to begin research on the procedure, I would stumble upon thinking about the cost and the risks. 

These two points would terrify me. But I was tired of daily expenses and the irritation with contacts and glasses, so I finally decided to get my Lasik done. 

The Lasik Surgery: 

In the end, I got around to having the surgery. In the wake of meeting with various specialists, I settled in on Wavefront-guided Lasik with a specialist at the Dr Kiran’s Eye hospitals. I certainly prescribe looking to research a specialist you are comfortable with. 

The doctors here have several years of expertise in performing vision correction through Lasik. I felt comfortable going with eye care that had a good experience and advanced technologies. 

Everything went fine with the procedure and the laser eye surgery was completed in a very short span of time. While you don’t feel the pain during the procedure, you still feel the pressure. Not to scare you, but I felt it just for a while. Had a little weird feeling while surgery, but in the end, everything seemed to be normal and perfect. So simply be prepared for it and brace yourself. 

Lasik Complications: 

I had a few complications after I went back home, my eyes started irritating and I felt there’s something in my eyes which was a bit frustrating. But within 24-30 hours or so after having a proper rest for 1-2 days, I felt no irritation at all and my vision was improved and was able to look better. It was a refreshing sight to have. 

This is the most common complaint which doctors receive after Lasik surgery and there is nothing much to worry about. 

I had no other side effects or complications of Lasik surgery and visited the hospital for a routine check-up once in a while. 

The Lasik Surgery Evaluation: 

How to know if Lasik is worth the cost or not? Well, it is very easy: 

Costs and Risks: When you spend an amount on Lasik surgery say for example 30k (15k per eye) some may feel costly but after that over the time, you use only say 1.5k per eye for the whole year, which is low cost and the sight is perfect for the rest of the life with no complications. 

Benefits with Lasik: Clear vision, no more barring routine expenses and irritation of glasses or lenses and being carefree, quick surgery and recovery time, Immediate outcomes and long time satisfaction. 

Looking at the benefits of Lasik surgery over time when compared to the cost and risks involved I felt Lasik is absolutely worth it. And if you are looking for Lasik surgery you can go for it and choose if you are comfortable. 

Is Lasik Surgery Worth It? Real Patient Experience.

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