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Looks like you are considering Lasik to Get rid of your contact lenses or glasses, Well! a good step for a perfect vision. 

If you are interested in LASIK eye surgery, here are some things you can expect before, during and after your Lasik surgery. 

What To Expect Before Lasik Surgery: Do’s and Don’t 

● To determine you are a good candidate for Lasik surgery 

● An initial examination is done by your doctor 

● Stop wearing your contact lenses way before your evaluation 

● Measurements will be taken to determine how much vision correction is needed to be done 

● These evaluations are done at least a week before the Lasik surgery 

● Inform your doctor about current & past medical eye conditions 

● Any Prescribed medications you are consuming over the time 

Once the Examination is done your ophthalmologist discusses the Lasik procedure that needs to be carried out: 

1. First, he lets you know whether you are a Lasik candidate or not 2. The treatment to consider for your Lasik correction 3. What to expect before, during and after Lasik Laser surgery 4. Your role before and after the Lasik Surgery 

Feel free to ask or discuss anything with your Lasik surgeon. Any doubt regarding the risks, benefits or any other general enquiry prior to Lasik surgery. By the way, Lasik is the most trusted and successful eye laser surgery. 

What To Expect During The Lasik Surgery: 

● The Surgery will take as little as 10-15 minutes to be completed 

● Few eye drops will be added to numb the eye 

● A thin flap will be cut in your cornea and laser is applied to reshape the cornea as per your measurements 

● You will feel very little pressure and no pain at all 

● once the laser is applied the flap of cornea is covered 

● And Done! The Lasik Surgery is completed 

Bid goodbye to Glasses and Contact lenses and enjoy the freedom. 

What to Expect After Lasik Surgery: Do’s and Don’t 

● It is very common to expect your eyes to itch, or feel like there is something inside your eyes. 

● Don’t rub or keep touching your eyes 

● You may have mild pain, teary or feel hazy in eyes which doesn’t last for long 

● Prescribed medications and other necessary things will be given 

● Keep in touch with the hospital for any postoperative emergencies if required 

● Visit your doctor at regular intervals for next 3 to 5 months after the Lasik surgery for a routine eye check-up 

● Avoid contact sports, swimming pools etc for 3-4 weeks post Lasik surgery 

Restore your vision! Get a free Lasik Eligibility Test 

Considering Lasik? What To Expect Before & After Lasik Surgery? Do’s and Don’t!

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