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Is Lasik worth it? After deciding to undergo laser eye surgery would you be able to enjoy the afterlife of surgery as per your conditions. Let’s check out the PROS and Cons of Lasik Surgery. 

What is Lasik Surgery? 

The LASIK surgery is an invasive treatment that utilizes lasers to fix imperfections on the cornea, which may cause blurred vision such as nearsightedness or farsight. The aim is to reshape the cornea, so light is correctly refracted into your retina, enabling your brain to view clear images instead of blurred details. 

As other surgical treatments, LASIK will have both beneficial and very less non-beneficial effects. Here are some of the more important Pros and Cons of Laser eye surgery: 

Pros Of Having Lasik Surgery: 

Pros-1: Good vision sharpness 

After getting LASIK several patients note a noticeable change in their vision. Their uncorrected vision 12 to 18 hours after the procedure is as good for the majority of patients as was their vision with their glasses or contact lenses before the procedure. 

Pros 2: No longer to “four-eyes” 

Glasses may adversely impact the self-image of individuals and contact lenses will not be a choice for those individuals, sadly. Glass independence will improve the self-esteem of patients, as well as expand their fashion and beauty choices. 

Pros 3: No longer irritating lenses 

The contact lenses reduce oxygen supply to the cornea, the eye’s front surface. They also reduce the tear film’s capacity to expel pollutants, allergens, and bacteria from the eye naturally. It leaves dry eyes, allergic and contagious. LASIK eliminates dependency on contact lenses for most people, which ensures their eyes are more relaxed. 

Pros 4: Rapid Recovery 

Recovery is rapid, with most people returning within 48 hours to their normal lives. 

Pros 5: immediate Outcomes 

Improvement of vision begins fast, within a few hours of surgery. Many people post the next day having made a big change. 

Pros 6: Lifetime of clear vision 

Most people get vision back 20/20, or average. If they don’t, most eye surgeons are looking for somewhat worse than 20/20, and an extra LASIK treatment called improvement will allow complete adjustment of a vision. 

Pros 7: No Hospital Stay It is a simple and swift procedure. It is outpatient, so there are no stays in the hospital overnight, you don’t go under general anaesthesia, and the whole thing takes an average of just 20 minutes. 

Pros 8: There are automated protection shut-offs throughout the operation if you turn the eye abruptly if there is any action so that the laser will not do further harm. 

Pros 9: Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

Around 98% of the patients who have undergone laser eye surgery were completely satisfied with their corrected vision. People were happy to have Lasik. 

Cons Of Having Lasik Surgery: 

Con 1: Problems with night vision 

Most patients following a LASIK operation may experience smoke, halos and aversion to artificial light at night. Such concerns typically settle in three months. Some people will rarely have persistent night vision problems that last longer than a year. While such side effects never last over such a long period of time, they are some of the operational threats. 

Con 2: Subconjunctival haemorrhages 

Red patches on white eyes immediately after LASIK are very normal. Such patches are bruises created by the suction pad, which was used to hold the eye steady when forming the corneal flap. The red stains will linger from a week to a month, and maybe tiny or cover much of the white eye. They are brief, and after a few weeks the body can automatically clear the spots 

Con 3: Troubled vision 

In most cases, LASIK triggers a severe dry eye syndrome which can last from a week to one month. For most people, topical artificial tears, topical 

dry eye medications, and the use of oral omega-3 fatty acids can relieve most of the symptoms and signs of dry eyes caused by LASIK. The dry eye may remain in uncommon people for up to one year or longer. 

Con 4: 

You might not be fit, physically. For starters, whether you are younger than 20 or older than 40, the likelihood of corneal changes becomes greater, because LASIK becomes a far more immediate fixing of the vision when your eyes shift. 

Con 5: 

In 10 percent of cases, typical side effects arise, which last for three months. Can involve hazy or blurred vision, night vision difficulty, light exposure, itchiness or scratchiness around the eyes, dry eyes from reduced tear development, irritation or pain, and glares, halos, or starbursts in the sun. 

The Bottom Line: 

From improved vision to being carefree, laser eye treatment has many benefits and there are hardly any side effects that last only up to a few weeks or months after proper medication.

PROS AND CONS OF LASIK Surgery: Is Lasik Worth It?

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